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Color treated hair..HELP with dry scalp, huge flakes???

What shampoo/treatments, or home remedies, can I use, to treat my dry, flaky scalp, that will not strip out the color of my, color treated hair???? I pay a lot of money to get my hair colored every 5 to 6 weeks. I've tried dandruff shampoos, but they strip out my hair color. I have always had dry hair, but I have NOT always had a dry scalp, with huge flakes.It is itchy, but not inflamed or red, just great big patches of my scalp waiting to flake off, (embarrassing), even immediately after washing my fact, it almost seems worse after I wash my hair. I have tried different shampoos and conditioners, and went to a doctor. He recommended over the counter cortisone cream, applied directly to the scalp a couple of times a week, which did work! BUT!! It stripped out my color, within a couple of weeks and made my hair even more dry and very unappealing. I have asked my hairdresser and many other hairdressers and I can't seem to get an answer. I get lots of answers on what to use for color treated hair, OR what I can use for dry itchy scalp/dandruff, BUT WHEN IT COMES TO AN ANSWER FOR THE COMBINATION, no one has been able to give me an answers. Even the ladies at the beauty supply shops. I am very frustrated. I have resulted to searching this answer on the NET and even, search after search, I still wasn't able to find an answer to this specific question, so I am having to ask it, myself. What can I use that will NOT fade my color treated hair, but treat the problem of dry, itchy, scalp resulting in huge flakes ?"

Color treated hair..HELP with dry scalp, huge flakes???

Your dry scalp may be due to an allergy to the coloring of ur hair. Try using shampoo that comes from natural sources such as those u find in bodyshop which will reduce the contact of more chemical to ur scalp. Use loreal color-vive hair mask to restore the vibrant color bt onli use them at the end of ur hair. Try nt to use it near the root of the hair.

Rinse ur hair well and make sure u dry ur hair before going to bed. Shld be able to help. O/w i wld reccommend to stop coloring ur hair for a period of time 1st.

Color treated hair..HELP with dry scalp, huge flakes???

the flakes mainley come from using bad shampoo or conditioner so if i were you ide wah ur hair with an expensive shampoo then redye ur hair and chower with a shower cap on and spray ur hair with hair scents or something.

Color treated hair..HELP with dry scalp, huge flakes???

Read about apple cider vinegar. Hundreds of sites. Mix with water. 1 cup cider vinegar to 1 cup water. I do not have dandrfuff due to this remedy. I have long beautiful hair and nails. I drink it. 2 tbls. in an 8 oz. glass of water 2 times per day.

Color treated hair..HELP with dry scalp, huge flakes???

Well that steroid ointment can solve many a problem. Flakes are not simple dandruff. I'd suggest a good dermatologist is the answer to your Q. not a hairstylist or us.So do visit a Doc to rule out any problem.

Meanwhile warm some Olive oil and give yourself a good scalp massage. Separate the strands of hair and massage in the oil with a ball of cotton wool. Then take a large towel, hold ends, rinse it out in hot water,ring it out [do take care not to hurt your hands with hot water]and wrap it around like a turban on the head till it cools. Leave it for an hour, then wash it off using a good shampoo.

Repeat it once every week for some time.

Will help.

This does not wash off hair color. I do it. If you see your original color near scalp, it shows hair growth.

It may be anything; allergy to dye or infection. So do see the doc. Wish u luck.

Color treated hair..HELP with dry scalp, huge flakes???

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  1. Everywhere I look online, people are using Olive Oil to STRIP hair color!!
    So I guess that is not a solution for dry scalp and colored hair.